What’s New

Who’s Participating?

enrollment-thermometerNurture has been enrolling people since February 2013 and completed enrollment in March 2015.

Thanks to all of the time that moms like you have shared with us, the study is progressing well and you’re helping us learn a lot. We are very grateful for the time you take out of your busy schedule to give to the study – Nurture couldn’t move forward without your help!

mom-babySo far, over 850 moms have decided to participate in Nurture and over 650 babies have been born who will be in the study.

Thanks to dedicated Nurture participants like you, we’ve completed more than 4,000 monthly surveys and more than 1,900 in-person visits.

dad-babyIn addition to moms, we are also collecting information from people who regularly take care of your baby like the father, partner, other relatives, babysitters, and child care providers.

So far, approximately 500 different caregivers have participated in Nurture.

How Are Results Shared?

We are working on data analysis right now and will be sharing results soon.  Check back later to see progress that we have made.